More evidence: CEOs who don't listen are bad for business

Fascinating article that looks into the details of GE's fall from being an industrial giant to a company in need of a drastic turnaround. The following paragraph stood out specifically as it highlights a leadership pattern that has repeatedly been shown to be a leading indicator of trouble: 

The most surprising element in Flannery’s critique of the culture he inherited is that it needs “more candor, more debate, more pushback.” Really—more candor? At GE? The place has long been famous as a company where frankness borders on rudeness. An Immelt spokesman says “there was a lot of pushback” in meetings with Immelt. Yet Flannery harps on the point, and executives who worked with Immelt voice the same concern. “Jeff just didn’t listen to his subordinates,” says a former finance executive. “Pushback went away under Jeff,” says a former staff member. “When the top guy is the smartest guy in the world, you’ve got a real problem.” 

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