The video that made IDEO famous – now available on YouTube

image IDEO, is a Californian design company that was one of  the driving forces behind making “design thinking” a popular concept. Besides being the only consultancy company on Business Week’s 2006 list of most innovative companies, they are experts at translating the complex process of human-centered design into a easily understandable form for pickup by mainstream media.

One of their first milestones was a clip on 60 Minutes in 1999. Another triumph was a 2004 cover story in BloombergBusinessWeek, “The Power of Design” (Download PDF), which might have more appropriately been titled, “The Power od Design Thinking.” A more recent article appeared in 2008 in the Harvard Business Review.

For years, the video clip was only available on IDEO’s homepage, but recently the full segment became available on YouTube.

Here are the three segments:




Here are the links to the single videos:

Inside IDEO – Part 1

Inside IDEO – Part 2

Inside IDEO – Part 3


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