Red Bulletin: The Gold Standard for Customer Magazines

Basically they are the first thing I throw away as soon as I have taken them out of the postbox: customer magazines. A few are worth looking at it, some even have articles in it that might be worth more than the seconds it takes to screen them but mostly they are a subliminal attempt to sell you more. But there is also a different way.

Red Bulletinimage

While I don’t want to go into details about Red Bull because it is a very special product where most of the customer’s experience is derived from emotional aspects (even though it is perfect support to pull an all nighter) they understand how to create a company magazine that can be read cover-to-cover. The magazine is not promoting Red Bull – it is telling the story of Red Bull and helps you understand the core of the brand. It is a documentation of the lifestyle that represents Red Bull. It is authentic.

Another aspect I noticed was the number of highly qualified journalists that are writing in this magazine many of them authors in sophisticated German and Austrian newspapers.

So if you want to read a customer magazine that is not trying to sell you more but to communicate the underlying story the Red Bulletin is a must read.